“It’s Not An Actual Island”

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So, if Juggalo Island isn’t an actual island than what is it?

Well, let me think for a second…

As most of us know, the term Juggalo Island was coined by ICP in the song ‘Juggalo Island’ off their Bang Pow Boom cd. The songs video (filmed at the gathering) speaks of a refuge that all Juggalos can go to and be free to express ourselves without the prying eye of society, and the media that surrounds it judging us. A place where we can do what we want, when we want. The gathering creates this, but sadly for only 4-5 days a year, after which us Juggalos end up back in society dealing with everyday normal life bs, suffering from our post gathering depression, wishing we could be back ‘Home’ again. We at The Butterfly Corporation are tired of wishing. We’re stepping up and saying there are tens of thousands that feel the same way we do. With our powers combined (power rangers voice) we can truly make amazing things happen! So heres how were going about doing it…

An Example property (click here for pics/ more info) ​is a pre existing campground in Ohio that sits on 200 acres, twice the size of hogrock. This property is turn key and already creating a nice profit with 629  camp sites.

​We plan for Juggalo Island to be a place to gather year round, gather permanently. We also plan that in development of this property we can create a setup so we could host the official Gathering of the Juggalos yearly! Forever ending the issues of finding property to host it, and who to do it better than seasoned gatherers!? With these plans come additional expenses yes, development of stages, running of electrical, etc. but also additional income. Our property could be a source for major tour stops also for additional income, talk about a captive audience when you have 500+ juggalos living onsite! Even other music fests could be held there! The income is limitless!

We understand that this particular property may sell before we get the funds together, however we really don’t want that to happen! This property is perfect, land, space, profit, location, its all there! But the beauty of this business model is it really can go anywhere. There are dozens of camgrounds around the US, and hundreds of plots of land and at any point in time that with the right jugga-flair we could call home. Focus now is understanding the unified goal and to focus on the fundraising to make it happen. ​

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