First paragraph that best describes the property

Space left here for the voting box. Put a separator above and below the voting box.

Best photo, (Name all photos like sample_property_01, sample_property_02 and so on) uploaded to the media library named for the property and dated. Then posted here.

Insert a “Read More” below the photo and above the map. This makes the post shortened on the prospective properties category page so it is easier for people to browse and vote on the basics.

Upload and post a Map of directions to the property from a significant location others can easily reference. Make sure to name the photo for the property and dated.

Insert a separator below the map.

Here is an example QR code to the post, you will need to update the name from “sample_property” in the code editor to be the URL slug of your post.

Use this QR code to send people to

More pictures and information on page 2

Insert a Page Break

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